How do I redeem my promo code?

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Entering your promo code is easy!


Promo codes are valid towards any of our conversion services up to the dollar amount or percentage they are worth. To use your promo code, first, choose what format you want to digitize. Second, count how many of that format you have and select the right kit(s) for your needs. Third, decide what you want to get back: thumb drives, DVDs/CDs, digital download, or a combination of those. 


Then, proceed to the checkout and enter your promo code in the Discount box on the right-hand side of the final checkout page. Your discount will be applied and you will see it reflected under the Order Summary panel.  


*Promotional codes do not cover shipping costs or digital outputs (thumb drives, DVDs/CDs, or digital download) unless specifically stated. They cannot be combined with other promotions or vouchers.

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