How much does it cost to convert tapes?

Great question! Pricing for Videotape Conversions is $15.00 per tape, regardless of format or length of content.

Simply enter the number of Videotape Conversions you’d like to purchase, and then select the output format you'd like in the section that says “How do you want these delivered?” Pricing for the output format options are as follows:

  • Videotape DVD Sets are $20 per set. Each set will include DVDs for all of the videotapes in your order. You only need to enter 1 next to this option unless you want extra sets.

  • Videotape Thumb Drives are $30 each. This also covers all of the videotapes in your order.

When you're ready to place an order, head on over to and build your order under the "Digitize" tab.

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