Can you convert my 35mm negatives?

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Yes! We're able to digitally scan your 35mm negatives and create digital JPEG images of your photos!

We can process the following photo formats:

  • 35mm Slides
  • 35mm Half Frame Slides
  • 126 Slides
  • 127 Slides (with the exception of 127 Superslides)
  • 110 Slides
  • 35mm Negatives 
  • Photo Prints (up to 8.5 x 11, loose or stacked - no photo albums at this time)

All of our negatives are scanned at 2400 DPI, or approximately 12 Megapixels. This captures all of the detail in the original photo and makes great files for creating photo prints.

Please note: negatives must be sent in strips; we are not able to process individual cut negatives or negatives on rolls.

We are currently not able to process: Photos in albums, glass slides,  127 Superslide Format Slides, APS Negatives, KODAK disc film, medium format negatives, large format negatives, and Advantix film.

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