Why haven't I seen an order update in a few days?

We often say preserving these treasures is more of an art than a science. Processing time is based on our current order volume and the details of each order, such as the formats included, or if any hands-on troubleshooting is needed for each tape to get a quality conversion.

We process everything in the order it is received. If you haven't seen an update in a few days, odds are there's a queue of orders in front of your order for that specific format type. You'll be on deck soon! 

Our customer support team is also happy to provide an update. You can reach them via email at info@southtree.com or by phone at (800) 656-6032. Our phone support hours are Monday–Friday, 8 AM–midnight EST.

Standard order processing is 4–6 weeks once the order is received in our processing facility.

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