DVD vs Digital File? Which one is for me?

If you’re hoping to view your old family memories on a large TV, then the DVD will be just fine. Our DVDs are a great way to gather friends and family for a night of laughs, joy, and reminiscing as you view your memories together.

Videotape DVD Sets are $20.00 each. Each DVD Set will provide enough DVDs for your entire order, so you'll only need to purchase one DVD Set unless you'd like extra copies.

We also understand that gathering together with loved ones can be difficult. It's not Thanksgiving or Christmas every weekend. A USB thumb drive provides you with digital files that are easy share with friends and family who may be far away.

With Southtree, you can order a digital file by selecting a USB thumb drive as the output format on your order!

Why do you want one? There are a million and one reasons why, but here are just a few:

  • Backing up to places like Dropbox
  • Viewing on your computer
  • Editing on your computer
  • Storing on your hard drive
  • Uploading to online video platforms, like YouTube or Vimeo
  • Sharing with friends and family

Thumb drives for videotape conversions are $30.00 each. The thumb drive will contain all of your video files, so you'll only need to purchase one unless you'd like extras.

When you're ready to place your order, head on over to southtree.com and build your order under the "Digitize" tab!

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