Can you convert my photos? Is it a high quality transfer?

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Yes! We convert consumer photo prints up to 8.5" x 11", 35mm and 126 slides, and 35mm negatives; 25 photos, slides, or frames counts as one item.

Your photos will be scanned so you can see every detail of the original photo. We deliver your photos in high quality JPEG format on thumb drives, CDs, or digital download through Google Drive.

While we are able to convert most formats, there are a few we cannot currently process:

  • Photos in albums
  • Photo Prints greater in size than 8.5x11 inches
  • Glass slides
  • Slides in metal frames
  • 110 or 127 format slides
  • Kodak disc film
  • Medium or large format negatives
  • Advantix film
  • Photos, negatives, or slides sent in in any type of sleeve, frame, carousel, box, or album

Resolution for Photo digital files is measured in DPI, or Dots Per Inch. We use several different processes to scan your photos, depending on what scanning method is best, and minimum DPI standards they must meet:

Click on the photos below to see real photo scans, using our process, at full resolution in Google Drive.

  • Slides - High Quality: 2400 DPI



(5,164 x 3,436 pixels)


  • Photo Prints - High Quality: 300 DPI



(1,728 x 1,146 pixels)


  • Negatives - High Quality: 2400 DPI



(‪3,335 x 1,927‬ pixels)


Scans at these resolutions are great for sharing on social media, or for editing in the image editor of your choice. Of course, the exact measurements of the Photo digital file will depend on the physical size of the photo itself.


When sending in your photos, slides, or negatives, we ask that you remove them from any extraneous container, group them in bundles of 25 and place them in clear plastic ziplock bags or envelopes.

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