How should I organize my photos?

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When sending in your photos, it's best to stack them neatly together, in groups of 25 looseleaf photos, in sealed Ziploc bags. This will minimize any moisture that might affect them during transport.

Once we begin digitizing your photos, keep in mind that we cannot guarantee our team will be able to keep your photos in a specific order. However, the digital files you receive will be easy to reorganize and arrange exactly how you would like on your computer.

We recommend organizing your digital files by moving them from your CD or USB thumb drive to your computer, once you receive your order back. Once these files are downloaded to your computer, you can easily drag and drop to reorganize, create folders, and rename the individual images to your liking!


Please note: Photos must be sent in looseleaf. We are not able to digitize photos that arrive in albums, frames, cases, carousels, or sleeves.

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