Do you convert photos to CD?

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We convert many different kinds of consumer format photos!

We convert the following photo formats:

  • 35mm Slides
  • 35mm Half Frame Slides
  • 126 Slides
  • 127 Slides (with the exception of 127 Superslides)
  • 110 Slides
  • Photo Prints (up to 8.5 x 11") 
  • 35mm Negatives 

Through our delicate scanning process, we will convert your slides to digital JPEG format and save them to a photo disc or USB thumb drive.

The photo disc is a CD — designed for use on a computer, not a DVD player. This disc will not be playable as a movie to watch on your television. It can be inserted into your computer for viewing, and you can download the files directly to your computer to store, edit, and share these timeless memories.

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