How do you title your DVDs/CDs?

It is easy to title your discs at Southtree! The number of DVDs/CDs you receive depends on the type of media you send in. For the best quality conversion, each video tape is provided its own DVD, which allows for one title for each tape. Film reels are consolidated onto as few DVDs as possible, so you can enter one title for your film collection. Photos are combined onto a single storage CD, so you can choose one title for your photo collection. Each audio tape receives two CDs (one per side), so you can enter two titles (one for side A and one for side B) for each audio tape.


With only your order number and email address, you can log in and submit titles for your DVDs/CDs at We strongly recommend titling prior to shipping your items to us; our system will not accept titles after your order has been received in our facility. If you don't want to title your discs, that's okay! Your discs will have enough space for you to write in your own titles later.

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