What are all these output formats I can select for my order?

From your daughter’s first steps to her first science fair, from the infamous burnt-turkey Thanksgiving of ‘88 (you’re not pointing fingers) to the secret recording of your brother’s Elvis impersonation in full jumpsuit regalia, your family history is a treasure trove of memories.

We've got three great digital output formats, so take your pick! 

Disc Sets

A Disc Set is our OG digital output, and still remains popular today! We'll transfer all of your video content (tapes or film reels) to high-quality DVDs — ready for use in a DVD player. For your audio tapes or reels, you'll get a audio CD — compatible with your car's CD player. For photos, you'll get a photo CD — perfect to view on your computer. Each Disc Set you purchase will provide enough discs for your entire order, so you only need to add one set to your order unless you want extra copies.

USB Thumb Drive

A USB thumb drive is our most popular digital output. It is the easiest way to access and share your treasured memories. We understand that gathering together with loved ones can be difficult ( it's not Thanksgiving or Christmas every weekend). Our USB thumb drive boasts enough storage to hold all of your digital files. These files are ready to save to your computer, edit, and share with friends or family! And you can copy them as many times as you want.

Digital Download: 

Digital download is our newest digital output offering and it has become a fast favorite with our customers. It's a cloud service hosted by Google Drive. We will upload your home movies, photos and/or audio to a Google Drive link where you can download your files to any device. You can also share that link with friends and family, who can download the files to their devices. It's available for one year — we think that should be enough time to back up and share!


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