What are all these output formats I can select for my order?

At Southtree, you can tailor-make your order to fit your needs using our different output options.

USB Thumb Drive:

A USB thumb drive is our most popular output format. It is the easiest way to access and share your treasured memories. We understand that gathering together with loved ones can be difficult -- it's not Thanksgiving or Christmas every weekend. A USB thumb drive, as one of the output formats for your order, provides digital files that are easy share with friends and family far away. You can upload these files to a computer for storage, editing, and even sharing online! And you can copy them as many times as you want.

DVD/CD Sets:

This is our original, standard conversion method. If you select a DVD Set when building your order, we'll transfer all of your video content (tapes or film reels) to high-quality DVDs, ready for use in a DVD player. Selecting this option will provide CDs for your audio tapes or reels, or a disc containing JPEG files if you send in photos. Each DVD/CD Set you purchase will provide enough discs for your entire order, so you only need to add one set to your order unless you want extra copies.

Some other great services we offer include

Tape Repair:

This is a great option for video tapes that look a little ragged, and it is free with your order! If your tape cassette is cracked, broken, missing bits, or if the tape inside is torn and needs mended, this is the service for you! Keep in mind that while there are many things we can do, transferring moldy or water damaged tapes is not something we have mastered yet. If you have any damaged tapes, be sure to mark them with a note so our team will know to send them to the Repairs department first.

Foreign Conversion:

If you have traveled and used camcorders outside of the United States, recording in PAL or SECAM formats, don't worry! We have you covered. PAL and SECAM conversions are also included in the cost of your order. Just be sure to include notes with any tapes recorded in PAL or SECAM so our team knows to send them to the proper department.



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