What format are the digital files on my USB Thumb Drive?

Digital files are a great way to share your memories with friends and family. By selecting the thumb drive option at checkout, you will receive back your files in a digital format, ready to share and use on your computer. What are the formats you'll receive?


Quick Answer:


  • Videotapes: .mp4
  • Film: .mp4
  • Audio: .wav
  • Photos: .jpg


Your video tapes and film reels will be converted to a high quality .mp4 format, ready to use with popular video editing software, like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. 


Your audio cassettes and audio reels will be converted to a high quality .wav file that's great to listen to, wherever you are.


Your photo prints, slides, and negatives will be added to your thumb drive in a high quality .jpg format, ready to organize, categorize, and share with friends or family, or on social media.


When you're ready to order, head over to southtree.com/pricing. Build your order under the "Digitize" tab, and be sure to select a USB thumb drive on the order page!

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