Can I add a USB thumb drive to my order?

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Have you already placed your order but changed your mind?

No worries! Just reach out to our Customer Support Team at Include your order number in the subject line, and let them know you'd like to add a thumb drive. We will take it from there and ensure all your memories are safely stored and processed.  


Just starting the order process?

Southtree provides USB thumb drives as one of our output format options during the checkout process.


With the thumb drive, you'll get digital copies of your files that you can easily save to your computer. You can then do whatever you want with those files — edit, share, and/or copy them as many times as you need. You can burn copies to DVDs, save them to other devices, and even upload them to a cloud service.


Please note: we are not able to make additions to completed orders. Please contact us before sending your order in for digitization to make changes to the selected digital outputs.

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