How do Southtree Groupon vouchers work?

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Groupon vouchers can be a great way to get an awesome deal on Southtree services! You can find information below on how they work, along with important information on terms of use and restrictions.


What types of Groupon vouchers are available?

There are two distinct types of Southtree Groupon vouchers: Package Specific Vouchers and General Spending Vouchers.

  • Package Specific Vouchers: This type of voucher is for a specific Southtree package (2 Tape Box, 500 Photo Scan Box, etc.). These vouchers cover the full amount of the package they are for, and normally also one digital output option (thumb drive, digital download, or disc set; check Groupon fine print for specific details)
  • General Spending Vouchers: This type of voucher is for a designated amount of value to be used toward any Southtree package ($50 value, $500 value, etc.). They function similar to a gift certificate in that the value of the voucher will be deducted from the total cost of the order. If the voucher does not fully cover the cost, the customer will be responsible for paying the remaining cost.


What can Groupon vouchers be used toward?

Groupon vouchers are only valid toward the initial purchase of a Southtree box. They are not valid toward any subsequent charges for order add-ons, additional media items sent in, or any other extra charges after initial purchase. 

Groupons cannot be used toward the cost of shipping or sales tax. Southtree E-Deals are also not covered by Groupons.


Can a Groupon be combined with a Southtree promotional offer?

No, Groupons cannot be combined with any other promotional offer, including both promotional codes and E-Deal codes. Consult the Fine Print and Terms and Conditions of the voucher for more information.


Can I use a Groupon voucher more than once or split the amount between multiple purchases?

Groupon vouchers cannot be redeemed more than one time. Once redeemed, they do not have any residual balance if the full value is not used. Make sure you select a package that will utilize the full value!


How do I redeem my Groupon voucher?

Groupons are redeemed by entering the redemption code from the voucher into the 'Discount code' box at checkout. You can find more information here!


How can I get a refund on my Groupon voucher?

Any refund for a Groupon voucher or order placed using a Groupon voucher must come from Groupon. Southtree is not able to issue a refund on any transactions made with Groupon. Southtree can issue refunds for amounts paid directly to us, but not amounts paid directly to Groupon. In the event there are items in an order that are unable to be digitized, we can offer a credit toward a future order.

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