Can you convert my tapes? Is it a high quality transfer?

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Yes! We convert most consumer video tapes. Our digitizing process produces a digital video that remains faithful to the original footage, as we aim to achieve a one-to-one quality match. We deliver your digital videos on high quality DVDs and/or mp4 format (via thumb drives and/or digital download through Google Drive).

While we are able to convert most consumer formats, there are a few we cannot process:

  • BetaCam
  • BetaSP
  • U-Matic
  • ¾” Tapes (commonly called VTR)
  • DVCPro
  • DAT tapes
  • Broadcast tapes
  • Anything larger than VHS

All tapes are converted in Standard Definition at 480p resolution with a 4:3 aspect ratio.

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