Can you fix the tracking on tapes?

Let's face it, tapes can degrade. The magnetic media within tapes will gradually lose their charge in a process called remanence decay. But this is just one of the many ways VHS tapes can fade over time, causing issue with their tracking abilities, such as: loss of lubrication in the binder, or successive recordings that essentially strip a layer of information every time you record something new.


Here at Southtree, we'd be glad to take a look at your tapes. Simply mark it as needing repair before you ship your box to us. Please know that we will do the best we can to bring your tapes to the digital era, but some tapes have more issues than others. 


If our team cannot fix your tape, they'll leave a note on it and you'll be notified via email. When you receive your completed order, check for notes and let us know if the tape you sent was beyond repair. We'll be happy to provide a refund or credit. 



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