How do you count film reels?

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That's a great question!

Each individual reel counts as one item, regardless of its length or format. If you have smaller films spliced together on a larger reel, it will still only count as one item.

We are able to convert any size of a film reel, up to 10.5" in diameter. We can digitize 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm films. We are currently not able to process Regular 9.5mm or Super 9.5mm films. 

Please note: we are not able to digitize the sound line.

If you order DVDs, your films will be combined into as few discs as possible. If you order a thumb drive or digital download, each film reel will appear as a separate .mp4 file.

Visit our film page to read all about our film services and begin placing your order. 

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