How can I edit my audio digital files?

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Great question!


Editing your audio is a great way to use your digital files to create something more.


There are several different programs you can use. Chances are good that you already have one installed on your computer.


The programs listed below are great for making the following changes to your Audio digital files:

  1. Cut out blank portions of audio.
  2. Join multiple audio files together.
  3. Reverse portions of audio files that are backwards.
  4. Balance audio between the Left and Right channels.
  5. Convert a Mono track to Stereo.


Audacity: MacOS, Windows, Linux


Audacity is a great piece of freeware software. It is under constant development by a very hands on community of Audio enthusiasts.


The interface can be a little complex, but overall, it is a very useful, full featured tool that is more than able to handle all of your audio editing needs.


To check out the Audacity website, click here!


Garageband: MacOS Only


This is Apple's audio editing and producing software, available for free from the App Store!


Garageband is a great way to make quick, easy changes to your audio. It has a very polished interface that is quick and easy to learn.


There are many tutorials online, available through Apple, or through a 3rd party on Youtube, centered around using Garageband.


Click here to check out Garageband on!


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