How can I Live Chat with Southtree?

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Our Customer Support team would be happy to chat with you online! We have live chat services Monday–Friday, 8 AM–Midnight EST, and Saturday–Sunday, 9 AM–6 PM EST. 

You can always search for an article relevant to your concerns. If you still have questions, then the option for a live chat is a great way to connect with one of our friendly Customer Support agents! To start a live chat, go to the help desk section (where this article is located) and click the bubble in the bottom left-hand corner that says "Support" and a Customer Service Agent will connect with you shortly!

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  • Comment author
    brian feltovich

    there is no chat support bubble


  • Comment author
    Lynette Andrews

    I was also looking for the chat support bubble.  Not here.

  • Comment author
    Steven B. Lester

    My question involves your definition of "adult" material. After reading it I'm not sure if my video qualifies as such. I also don't know which tape has the material in question. It's not labelled as such, the material in question is buried somewhere in the middle of it, and it's been more than 15 years since I've had a working camcorder. Would I get in any kind of trouble if you came across it among the various videos I'd like to send you?


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