What will I receive back when I purchase a reel-to-reel USB thumb drive or digital download?

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Excellent question! In short, you’ll get back your original reels with all the WAV files made from them.

We record every reel from start to finish to ensure we capture every second of your audio, and unless that reel is blank, we make sure every second of that audio ends up on a USB thumb drive or in the cloud for digital download..

Depending on the settings used when your reel was originally recorded, a single reel could contain just a couple minutes of audio, or over 10 hours. Since we are committed to providing you with all your audio, that can mean 1 WAV file per reel, or upwards of 10 WAV files per reel. The reel is divided at 70 minute intervals. 

Each separate recording is noted by a letter. For reels they are A, B, C, and D, corresponding to the track on the reel. Not all reels will use all the letters.

Additionally, recordings separated at the 70 minute interval mark are noted by a 1,2,3, or 4. This helps to know which order your WAV files are in, so you know what order they are in for editing or listening. Not all reels will use all the numbers.

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