How do I access my thumb drive files?

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Using your thumb drive is as simple as plug and play! 

  1. Go ahead, and insert your thumb drive into your computer’s USB port. It may seem small, but it fits all standard USB drives. 
  2. Once inserted, you should see a new port icon appear on your desktop. Click on it and check out the format options of your newly digitized files –videos are .mp4s, audio files are .wavs and photos are .jpgs.
  3. Next, you can save your files. Thumb drives are super handy, but you probably don’t want to always have to plug one in to access your files. In that case, you can drag your files to your computer’s desktop and save them there for quick and easy access.
  4. If you’re a bit of a neat freak, you can even organize your files by right clicking on them to create folders by year, event, people, etc.
  5. In order to view your files, you can left click the files twice in order to pull them up. All your videos are converted to .mp4s, making them ready to use with today’s most popular video viewing and editing software. 

From there you can enjoy your converted memories! 

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